ABOUT  Mark 

Mark Mahoney:

Drummer CT-USA

Mark has extensive experience as both a drummer and solo mallet synth performer (See MIDI Mallet Uno below). He has drummed for a wide variety of groups including Caribbean Steel bands, Big Bands, Jazz trios/Quartets, Funk Bands, Rock Bands and musicals.

He can currently be heard around CT playing with the exciting Latin/Funk band “Ice-Fire” Keep up the band on Facebook at: The Ice Fire Band USA


If your next gig or recording requires a live drummer with extensive recording and performance experience contact him via the link at the link at the top of this page or introduce yourself at a gig. Catch him performing throughout CT and NY with:


As of 2015 Mark picked up bass and has been on quite an adventure gigging and studying. Check out the section to the right,  “Bass: A New Endeavor”

 Mark’s back ground includes degrees from both University Of Miami (BME) and the University of Tennessee (MM in Jazz Studies).

Bass: A New Endeavor…

March 2015: a serious car accident and subsequent surgery on Mark’s leg kept him off the drum kit for a while. He had always wanted to learn to play bass as the drummer/bassist connection is so important. With the forced hiatus from drums the time was right to act on his long time desire. He  bought an instrument, dove into bass forums and on line lessons. Nine months later, in January of 2016  he played his first gig with “Rounding Third” a local classic rock band. The band gigged most weekends and was a great way to learn fundamentals. 

Part II:  Present

UPDATE:  October 6, 2018 was “Rounding 3rd’s” last gig. However “The Roustabouts” quickly offered  to fill up Mark’s gig calendar.

 Click HERE for a list of gigs or check out the “Performances” link at the top of this page.

Other Gigs included:

“Ruby & The Wolves” whos set list included the likes of: Peter Gabriel, Steely Dan and Kansas etc, how I got that  gig still baffles me but if forced me to digest a lot of music and focus on technique; a very good thing

I guess my tag line at TalkBass.com sums it all up: “… friends I share drumming gigs with would often joke that we should take up bass since real bassists are so hard to find; I got tired of joking.”


Mark Mahoney


MIDI Mallet Uno is Mark’s  solo mallet percussion project. This exciting project features Mark on a mallet controller accessing a large array of acoustic and synth sounds. While Mark’s controller looks like an electric xylophone, it rarely sounds as such. It functions as a bass, piano, horn or synthesizer. Playing style from Jazz/Fusion to Latin to Rock. These sounds and textures are accompanied by triggered loops and backing tracks. The end result is a solo musician that sounds like a multitude of bands all sharing the same stage.

“I don’t get it, what instrument is he playing” (overheard at a gig).

Answer: Hundreds of different instruments. See below for a tour of Mark’s MIDI mallet rig


Mark Mahoney

A MIDI Mallet what?

MIDI Mallet Tour


Live Video

Musicians and non musicians alike may look at the picture to the left and think, “Ummm…what”?  

Check out the video and it all makes sense.