MIDI Mallet Uno
MIDI Mallet Uno is the solo project of percussionist Mark Mahoney. This exciting project features Mark on a mallet controller accessing a large array of acoustic and synth sounds. While Mark's controller looks like an electric xylophone, it rarely sounds as such. It functions as a bass, piano, horn or synthesizer. Playing styles from Jazz/Fusion to Latin to Rock. These sounds and textures are accompanied by triggered loops and backing tracks recorded and produced at M13 Production's project studio. The end result is a solo musician that sounds like a multitude of bands all sharing the same stage.

* Composed by

        James Walker.


To book MIDI Mallet Uno at your venue e-mail M13 Productions here:

Up Coming Gigs:
March 26th, 2011              7:30pm
Molten Java Cafe:               
           Bethel, CT

June 11, 8pm
Mocha Coffee House


“I don’t get it, what instrument is he 
playing” (overheard at a gig).

Answer: Hundreds of different instruments.  Click here for a tour of Mark’s MIDI mallet rig.Mallettour.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0
  Mirage *

Live Video

from the

Mocha Coffee House