Gretsch Renown Pure Wood Wenge


Several weeks ago I was fortunate enough to pick up the above kit.  At the time there were only two in the country.  After some time on the phone with Art from Dynamic Percussion (really class act BTW) I quickly ordered one of the two kits. 

There has been a lot of “mystery” surrounding the kit as most Gretsch fans weren’t aware of a new Pure Wood model.  The Wenge kit only came in one configuration.  Fortunately, it was the one I was after.  For years I’ve played smaller size drums 8/10/14 toms with 20” & 18” kicks.  For the Gretsch I wanted more of a “Big Kit” sound that you just can’t get with small drums.  The size were perfect and the set included:

                                    Bass Drum 22 x 18

                                    Tom Toms 10 x 7, 12 x 8 (traditional depths)

                                    Floor Toms 14 x 12, 16 x 14 (short depths or “quick” sizes).

                                    Snare - 14 x 6 (I couldn’t believe the kit included a snare!)

Clicking the logo below will take you to the Gretsch site to look at the finish which is the wood with only a clear coat.  Most importantly clicking “Urban Bliss” lets you hear the kit.  The recording is straight off the mics, no Eq, Compression, etc.  For those interested the mics used were:

                                    Bass Drum - Sennhiser 602

                                    Floor toms and snare - Sure SM57

                                    Rack toms - Blue Blue Bird LDC condensor

                                    Over Heads -  Audio Technica 4041 stereo pair

Urban Bliss

Lou Ianello - Tenor/Composer

Geno Heiter - Bass

George Baker - Guitar

Mark Mahoney - Drums

Use of headphones or external speakers highly recommended