Cover of an 80’s tune that in it’s day demonstrated fantastic recording and production techniques.  The goal of the cover was not to try to replicate those techniques.  But, to render a new version that still retained the character of the original. 

Only the melody and a few supportive parts are direct copies.

Liberties were taken with the harmony while trying not to lose the essence of the tune.  Many newly composed/improvised parts were added.

Session Specs:

Song:  “Airwaves” by Thomas Morgan Dolby Robertson

Environment: DAW; Abbleton Live, Reason 3.0 (via rewire)

   Tracks: Abbleton software instruments, Reason 3.0 (preset

    and original patches), Roland 1080 synth, Stylus RMX, live drums.

For more detailed specs such as info on studio hardware use the email link from the “Menu” page.

Play “Airwaves”

                                                                                                                Use of headphones or external speakers highly recommended.